• This time Chinese medicine rose up into outer space!

  • Traditional Chinese medicine helped the astronauts to go to outer space and the Four Diagnostic also go into outer space. Many netizens did not understand this. In fact, the general health situation can be basically grasped by tongue diagnosis and #consultation during the inspection.
    Chinese astronauts drank Chinese medicine in space which was made by the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine Deng Tietao. The heartbeats were not so high after dirking the Chinese medicine soup.
    The sickness of astronauts is called space sickness, the incidence rate is 50%.
    It was very difficult for the foreign astronauts to get out of the capsule when they returned to the surface. People had to lift them because their heartbeat was almost over 100.
    Our #Chinese medicine adopts preventive treatment of disease
    for astronauts so we control the speed of the heartbeat very well, and they won’t be as hard as foreign astronauts to go out of the

    Besides, if the #astronaut is very excited and couldn’t fall asleep the night before going to space from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, he can’t go to #space. This is because his physical condition does not permit, which is the common sense of midnight-noon and ebb-flow doctrine. Foreign countries do not have common sense in this area, so they should refer to what we do sometimes.

    这回 #中医 是真的上天了!
    中医为 #航天员 护航,四诊仪上 #太空,这个操作很多网友不能理解,其实望诊中的 #舌诊,#问诊,基本可以把握大致情况。
    还有,#宇航员 上天前一个晚上,如果子时很兴奋,睡不着,是不能飞的,身体条件不允许,这是子午流注的常识。外国没有这方面的常识,有也是要参考我们的.