• Good news from Portugal. It seems that the smaller European countries having a better chance to change.

    According to Francis George, it is up against "the right time" to move forward with the presence of sections of "traditional practices, including traditional Chinese pharmacy" in Portuguese hospitals. "We have an open mind," said the director general of Health, considering that it can not "ignore the beneficial effects" that this type of medicine and pharmacy "may have for the population."
    The head of the Directorate General for Health (DGS) was speaking at the inauguration of the Confucius Institute at the University of Coimbra, which aims to promote traditional Chinese medicine. Addressing an audience composed mainly of Chinese public, Francisco George recalled that since 2005, there is a law that frames the unconventional therapies calls, where traditional Chinese medicine is included, which is now the same law "is finally regulated" . "Having overcome the stage of the legal framework, which is tuned," we must move forward with the educational process and ensure the integration of these therapies in the health system, he said.
    In Portugal, "it's time now to work to train doctors to practice traditional medicine", hoping that the two therapies can live "one day" in the national hospitals.

    "You can not ignore the successes," stressed the head of DGS, whereas the regulation is essential to "distinguish the bad practice of good practice."

    The Confucius Institute at the University of Coimbra, which opened today, goes beyond the objectives of promoting Chinese language and culture, intending to position itself as a space for the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine. At the inauguration was attended by the rector of the University of Coimbra, João Gabriel Silva, Pei Feng, University of International Studies in Beijing, Fang Ziangiao, University of Chinese Medicine Zheijiang, and the Chinese ambassador to Portugal, Cai Run.

    Measuring improvements in autonomic regulation with acupuncture is such an excellent area to focus research on because, like the authors below say, it's consistent with Classical theory. Higher HRV indicates better balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic, what the Chinese referred to as Yin and Yang. The research also clarifies one reason why acupuncture is helpful in such a wide-range of clinical conditions: it improves the overall communication and coherence of the organism. Boom.