• Another great article by Volker Scheid

  • https://www.volkerscheid.net/post/monk-yaodi-and-the-dao-of-chinese-medicine

    Some quotes from it that stood out for me:

    “In fact, this vision [of Yoshimasu Tōdō] is not at all dissimilar to that of contemporary evidence-based medical practice where physicians, who previously based treatment on their own clinical judgement, are increasingly forced to follow routinised practice guidelines. And just as the proponents of evidence-based medicine insist that only their practice is truly scientific, Yoshimasu Tōdō claimed that only his vision of medicine embodied its true dao.|

    “all learning is by definition provisional (pian 偏) and never true, correct or authentic (zheng 正) even though its proponents may designate it as such. Adhering to such teaching for the sake of identity, power, or fear and applying it to problems it cannot solve turns it into a toxin. The cure, however, lies not in replacing one teaching with another, nor in seeking to construct a grand synthesis, a theory of everything, nor even in transcending all learning by reaching the emptiness behind all phenomena.”

    “No identity politics for Monk Yaodi, no choosing your tribe because that is what feels comfortable. Instead, he urges us to learn to be at ease in the midst of a world of competing demands and to intervene even though this world is too complex to ever fathom in its entirety.”