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    You eat as you are

    Je bent wat je eet, je eet wat je bent..

    Een “andere” visie op wat een gezond dieet is, en waarom er zoveel tegenstrijdige voedingsadviezen in de wereld ... See more

    Here’s the typical story we come across every day: Jack was overweight and had a terrible cardio-metabolic profile. Jack changed his diet: he eliminated X, Y, Z and added more A, B, and C. He’s ... See more

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    Publication Trends in Acupuncture Research: A 20-Year Bibliometric Analysis Based on PubMed

    Acupuncture research has grown markedly in the past two decades, with a 2-fold higher growth rate than biomedical research overall. Both the increase in the proportion of RCTs as well as the impact ... See more

    Objective Acupuncture has become popular and widely practiced in many countries around the world. Despite the large amount of acupuncture-related literature that has been published, broader trends in ... See more

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    De kracht van kruiden - Acupunctuur Purmerend - Nurture Your Nature


    Lees meer over de kracht van Chinese kruiden en de combinatie met acupunctuur. Vragen? Neem contact op met Nurture Your Nature in Purmerend